Machining available upon request

Lignum-Vitae has been used for all sorts of Industrial Applications. Hydro Power plants generate electricity that is crucial to our manufacturing industries using Lignum-Viate as the bearing of choice.  We have discovered so many rich stories of how this material has been used and a couple of key characteristics have immerged.

1) Very Steel Friendly- When you are doing finishing work you need a material that will not damage the final product. Lignum-Vitae has worked in all sorts of manufacturing applications.

2) Zero-Tolerance- It can touch the steel. Plastics and Composites can’t do that!

3) Tremenedous Load Bearing Properties.

4) It works well in Salt or Fresh Water and even where PH is a problem for other composites.

If you have an application that you are having trouble finding a solution Lignum-Vitae just might be it!