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Welcome to The best main guide bearings for hydro plants around the world: self-lubricated, water-lubricated, longest lasting, zero pollution, environmentally superior.

After numerous interviews and visits to hydro installations we discovered that the material operated flawlessly for decades resulting in millions of dollars of savings for  hydro plant operators.

• Lignum Vitae bearings serve turbine diameters of any size.

• Lignum Vitae bearings outlast competitive bearings six to one, lasting over 60 years

without the need for costly repetitive service and replacement.

•  Supply ready to ship

•  The only environmentally responsible renewable industrial bearing known to man.

Replaces bearings found in the following Turbines:

Kaplan, Pelton, Leffel, Francis, GE, S. Morgan Smith, Westinghouse, Allis Chalmers, and International

Lignum-Vitae Bearings are the oldest water lubricated/self-lubricated bearings known to man. As a world leader of  bearing material Lignum Vitae is the best answer for your hydro power plant. No other water lubricated bearing last as long and has the pristine history of  water lubricated thrust bearings. Known for its extreme durability and longevity in the hydro industry; Lignum Vitae bearings create zero pollution and are key to anyone wanting clean renewable energy.   We are proud to assure you of the availability and the long history and future success of your power plant.  This material is the answer for underwater applications.

Our mission is simple: Replace every environmentally threatening oil filmed bearing and failed experimental plastic bearing resulting in millions of dollars of savings in the hydro industry.

Composites such as Thoradon have been trying to match the durability and longevity of genuine Lignum-Vitae but to no avail. So when your hydro plant needs a new bearing make it the longest lasting water lubricated bearing on the market. Make it Lignum-Vitae!  Check out each page of the web site for more great ideas! Bearing Innovation starts with us!

Read on for a little history…

Known for centuries, as the most “steel friendly” industrial bearing material Lignum- Vitae is arguably the oldest & most valuable bearing in the history of man.

Considering the material was well known from Columbus to Edison to the Army Corps of Engineers. We are proud to announce it is back by popular demand! As the only renewable sustainable industrial bearing available in the world we are honored to make this available for worldwide distribution. Lignum-Vitae holds the distinction of having the lowest carbon footprint and almost zero manufacturing and waste pollutants of any other material available. Unlike every other chemical based experimental bearing material in service, Lignum-Vitae is exactly the same composition as when Edison First employed it in the Appleton Wisconsin plant over 130 years ago. If reliability, longevity maintenance and zero pollution is your goal then Lignum-Vitae bearings are the answer.

As you go through our site we are available to answer any questions you may have. Thank you for visiting and welcome to the most reliable bearing nature ever produced!

The Value of an Idea lies in the “Using of it” – Thomas Edison

From the Army Corps of Engineers

Army Corps Lignum-Vitae Bearings

“The original hydro turbine bearings made of Lignum Vitae lasted from 1934 to 2001. The Lignum Vitae bearing design kept the hydro turbine in service for sixty-seven years! Modern composite metal bearing materials such as Thoradon, Ryetex, Mycarta, and Phenolics are unacceptable materials due to their inability to match the characteristics of Lignum Vitae.”

Superior Bearing  History and Performance. Supply available for world demand!

Lignum-Vitae is a unique product that is used to make Authentic Hydro Bearings, Ship Bearings Stern Tube Bearings, Wicket Gate Bearings, Wood Bearings, SKF Style bearings for Food-Grade Applications, Industrial Bearings, Oil -Rig Bearings. It is one of the first self-lubricated bearings on the market and has known to last over 60-70 years. Lignum-Vitae has been used by the Army and the Navy. It was the first bearting to make the Trans-Atlantic trip. It was used in one of the first nucleur subs. This superior bearing is the answer to your bearing needs. We have secured supply to provide you with the finest bearing material on the planet.